Deals that deliver, not just complete



I want to find good companies to buy

I want to understand the post-close opportunities and risks

I need to negotiate the best price and terms for the deal

I need to manage a structured, professional deal process



I want to design and plan my integration

I need to make sure this integration is going to be successful

I need people to manage and support the integration

I need this acquisition to deliver more, faster



I want to design and plan my separation

I need to be sure this separation isn’t going to damage my business or the value of the deal

I need people to manage and support the separation process



I want to prepare my business for sale

I want to find the right buyer for my business

I need to get the best price and terms for the disposal

I need to manage the disposal process



I want to improve our own methods and tools for M&A and disposals

I want to build a playbook that works for my business

I would like to review the performance of this deal and learn what to do better

I want to train and prepare my people for the next one

Ways to work with us

We believe 90% of all acquisitions should add value within 18 months, and deliver their goals within 24.
Do your deals consistently achieve this level of success?

It can be better, but only if it’s different.


We can help you:


Robust, detailed and fully-costed plans for your next acquisition, integration, sale or separation


Professional, experienced project co-ordination: making sure things get done while you stay in control


Overseeing your team’s activities, providing experience, review and advice along the way


Tailored in-house and public events to help your own teams learn from past deals and prepare for the next one

We work with ambitious business leaders who take real ownership of their acquisition, integration and divestment plans, and who want a partner that offers objectivity, connected thinking and deep experience; someone who will work flexibly in their best interests, not just ours.

Below are some of the clients we’ve helped to deliver M&A success.

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