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China M&AAccording to figures compiled by consulting firm DC Advisory, China has now overtaken the UK, Canada and Germany to rival Japan and the US as the nation with the world’s most acquisitive companies. Significantly, the report suggests that alongside the well-known tale of breakneck growth and increasing consumerism, “China is attempting a huge shift from an order-taker to an innovator, producing leading technology and infrastructure for both domestic and global markets.”1 What does this mean for ‘Western’ entities intending to join forces with a new Chinese parent company?

[caption id="attachment_177" align="alignleft" width="150"]Logic and Emotion in M&A You need them both![/caption] Last week I heard Tony Blair talking to a packed gathering at Chatham House put on by the organisation Business for New Europe. Their aim is stop politics getting in the way of exploiting UK trade with the rest of Europe – vital, given its value of £600 billion per year.

Recently I read an interesting article from Merrill Datasite about Executing Effective M&A. The article was a good reminder about the importance of the M&A process and how preparation in delivering successful M&A is vital. Good tools including an active target selection process, virtual data room, right timing; they are all important ingredients of a palatable and easily digestible acquisition. However, no matter how good the tools are, they won’t work effectively if there is no framework for using them – in short, a strategy.