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This week I came across a blog about using word of mouth as a way to let people know about your ideas, products and services – “How to Trigger Word of Mouth”. The author, Jonah Berger, Wharton Professor and author of ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’ has studied the science behind word of mouth and why things go viral. You might ask what this has to do with Business Development or M&A Integration – well, nothing at all…..or perhaps everything?

Once the deal is done someone must take responsibility for executing the merger integration plan.  Beware of simply allocating it to senior managers as part of their day job.  They may not say so directly, but they are employed to manage a business function and this is, by its nature, a full time role.

Too often we see companies try to hold newly acquired businesses in a ‘steady state’ for a period after acquisition and then fail to communicate with the new combined workforce, arguing that it's Business as Usual. This can create 'communications gaps' that result in rumours and activities designed for self-protection, unsettled personnel and talent heading for the door.