MAKING THE BOAT GO FASTER: Accelerate your upcoming integration with BTD’s new Supported Integration Framework

MAKING THE BOAT GO FASTER: Accelerate your upcoming integration with BTD’s new Supported Integration Framework

Over the years, Beyond the Deal has worked with organisations of all sizes from established sector leaders such as E.On and Coca-Cola to entrepreneurial firms of 50 employees using innovative ways to break into their market. We’ve learned that – while the depth and level of detail may vary, the fundamental steps to achieving successful integration remain largely the same, regardless of deal size or sector. We’ve also learned that smaller deals do not make for simpler or less challenging integrations – if anything, the opposite holds true: acquisitions are usually more transformational, but deal value must be still delivered without the benefit of large teams (internal or external), or deep experience in integration. While multinational corporates can sometimes hide poorly-performing acquisitions post-close, most others do not have that luxury, and are quickly punished – by customers, employees and competitors – if they get it wrong.

As in much else, this year has accelerated a trend for businesses to avoid large-scale, high-budget use of 3rd party support except when absolutely necessary. But in the ‘DIY’ market for integration, clients of all sizes tell us that most integration playbooks and checklists aren’t helpful either: Checklists tend to focus on what you might want to do but don’t give anything on the how; while at the other extreme integration playbooks – in their attempt to cover all the bases – rarely help you decipher which steps are most important (and let’s face it, who has time to read a playbook when trying to close a deal and prepare for integration!). And in any case, checklist or playbook, neither reflect how your business works or where it needs the most help.

Which is why Beyond the Deal is pleased to present our new Supported Integration Framework. Developed specifically for smaller organisations (independent or PE-backed) that need to design, plan and manage an upcoming integration, the Supported Integration Framework is designed for those who may not have the knowledge, experience or resources themselves, but for whom a traditional consulting, contract or outsourced approach would not suit. Rather than simply another guide to try and follow on your own, the Supported Integration Framework provides a fixed price, cost-effective solution that includes:

  • Leadership training on integration risks and best practice;
  • An assessment of specific integration needs and priorities;
  • A standard Integration Framework Platform and Suite including up to 23 standard templates covering all aspects of the process, individually tailored to meet requirements;
  • Allocation of a dedicated member of BTD’s senior team to guide, co-ordinate and advise (virtually or in person) through every step; plus additional specialist support as needed in everything from synergy modelling to IT systems integration to cultural alignment.

This fixed-price package brings over 20 years of BTD specialist integration experience to the table, giving leadership teams a solid, best practice approach to integration while keeping them fully in control of the journey and the budget. For less than the cost of a typical due diligence report, clients get a clear vision of the post-deal future, a credible plan to get there, and accelerated achievement of their acquisition goals.

Need the boat to go faster but can’t row any harder or hire more crew? BTD may have just the sail you need. If you’d like to know more about how our Supported Integration Framework might help you achieve your deal goals more quickly, contact us today at +44 (0)20 7060 6001 or at