It’s often said a business is no greater than the team of people who work within it. This is nowhere more true than in professional services, where our business – indeed our very products – are the people. This is not only defined in terms of their individual skills and experience, but also in their ability to work as a team with each other, and with our clients.

At BTD we pride ourselves on our differences from others who are active in our field. While this difference is built into our business model and how we engage and work with others, at its heart the difference is in the people. What does it take to be a BTD team member? Part is of course is about technical and consulting abilities: We attract and retain those who are genuinely interested in delivering lasting value through inorganic growth as a long-term career choice, not a passing interest. We look for holistic thinkers, those who can intuitively understand, describe and help manage the connections necessary for transformational success, from strategy to detail, from IT to culture to metrics to employee engagement to branding…and back again. We favour those who understand the value of consulting models and frameworks, but only in terms of their practical use in a real world, not just as pretty pictures on a slide. And most of all, we value ‘humble consultants’[1], those who truly put the clients’ needs and situations first and can adapt their own approach and working styles accordingly – tailors passionate about their craft and always eager to learn more.

Our own values – developed by the team some years ago and deeply embedded in how we recruit, develop and promote individuals – speak to these points:

Despite these commonalities, each of our team members also brings something different to BTD and our clients. Rather than building a team of infinitely-interchangeable team members in which ‘it doesn’t matter’ which of our people work on your project, our team members bring, and develop, individual areas of focus and experience from Day 1.

Over the coming months of 2021, we’re going to be taking some time to present each of our Beyond the Deal team members to you via short podcasts. Each podcast will focus on what the individual brings to the business and our clients, what they enjoy about their work, what they’ve learned over their careers that they’d like to share, and how they hope to improve themselves, and the business, in the coming years. Some of them may already be familiar to you through their involvement in past podcasts and posts, and of course through our client engagements, while others may be new. I’m excited and look forward to introducing them all to you and hope you enjoy getting to know them – and BTD – a little better.


[1] Humble Consulting: How to Provide Real Help Faster et al; Edgar Schein – Required reading for our team!