BTD M&A Readiness Test

Maximising the success of your next acquisition – before you start

Ability to buy does not denote readiness to own. Generating and sustaining the maximum benefit from your M&A takes more than a good acquisition at a good price. It requires:

  • A robust approach and toolset for the pre- and post-deal process
  • Experienced leaders who know how to apply them
  • The right culture and behaviours at the top to encourage accountability, focus and long-term, connected thinking.

This is more than just management speak. BTD has identified 44 specific attributes and conditions of high-performing acquirers, proven to make a real difference to M&A performance regardless of deal size or sector. Not just the traditional success factors describing what you do, these also consider what really makes M&A work for the long-term: who’s involved, and how they behave. Without all three, deals succeed less than 20% of the time. With them, success rates jump to over 70%.

Does your business have these in place, and how do you compare? Take 20 minutes to answer the questions below to start finding out. Results and insights based on your responses, and how they benchmark against your corporate peers, will be sent to you by email. No questions regarding your current M&A strategy or plans are asked, and all individual responses will remain strictly confidential.

M&A Success Factors | BTD
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  • About your M&A culture and environment

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