Deal Readiness Assessment

Making sure your deal will deliver.

Acquisitions continue to fall short of their intended benefits post-close. Despite intensive analysis and planning pre-close, many acquirers experience:

  • Escalating integration costs and timescales
  • Increased post-close business costs and disruption
  • Customer confusion, dissatisfaction and flight
  • Markets punishing those unable to tell – or deliver – a compelling story about the deal
  • Investors losing confidence in M&A as a route to strategic growth
  • Lack of appetite or readiness for further deals

BTD’s Deal Readiness Assessment* helps those involved in a merger or acquisition better understand the risks and challenges they will face post-close, and how ready they are to address them to maximise deal benefits.

It also allows acquirers and their investors to benchmark their readiness against dozens of past acquisitions across deal sizes and sectors.

*When conducted post-close, BTD’s Deal Performance Assessment highlights areas where integration can be improved and benefit delivery enhanced or accelerated.

Drawing on 20 years of experience with over 80 clients, the Deal Readiness Assessment helps you quickly and confidently answer the following questions critical to long-term deal success:

“In any other field of strategic activity, boards and CEOs would simply not tolerate a success rate of 60%. Would you?”

Inconvenient Truths, BTD, 2017

Is your business ready and able to deliver value from this deal?

How it works, typical applications

  • 1-3 week duration
  • 2-3 senior BTD team members, each typically bringing 15+ years of relevant experience
  • Interviews with key participants of the acquisition/integration and other stakeholders (internal and externally where desired)
  • Review of all key acquisition and integration documentation
  • Quantitative ratio assessment of specific financial, operational and capability metrics to confirm areas of potential benefits and priorities and ensure your plans address them
  • Short evaluation of leadership to assess their readiness to deliver change
  • Report including assessment, comparison vs. benchmarks, qualitative observations and concrete recommendations

Company CEOs & M&A ExecutivesWhen preparing to seek executive team or board approval of the dealA structured, benchmarked view to inform views on whether to proceed, and how to raise deal performance
Boards & PE Partners When reviewing a deal to complete/fundAn objective assessment to help decide whether the deal should proceed as planned
BU & Integration LeadersWhen conducting or completing your detailed integration planningAdditional insight and perspective to improve plans and readiness for integration
Bank & Investment CommitteesWhen reviewing an acquisition funding request or business caseAn experienced, outside view on key risks and challenges to address
Corporate Finance & M&A FirmsWhen developing or reviewing an acquisition funding request or business caseAn additional layer of security and insight for your clients on how to extract maximum value
M&A Insurance UnderwritersWhen conducting due diligence to support a quotation for merger or acquisition coverAn increased, broader understanding of the risk profile of the deal

Deal benefits assessed. Risks and issues understood. Business readiness confirmed.