Webinar Key Takeaways: Keep Exercising – New skills needed to support a different way of doing M&A and integration

Webinar Key Takeaways: Keep Exercising – New skills needed to support a different way of doing M&A and integration

Here are our key takeaways from the webinar which took place on Wednesday 29th April.

The pace of different acquisition activities can vary significantly (e.g. legal vs integration), which means a good plan is vital, especially in the current environment.

  • The legal side of an acquisition can sometimes be a slow process, therefore testing scenarios with the legal team to see what is/isn’t possible can help quicken the pace
  • Due to the faster execution required on deals, organisations should test the purpose of any required activities to evaluate whether that activity is truly necessary
  • Identifying a set of principles, rather than rules, can help M&A teams operate more efficiently in an environment when decisions need to be made quickly
  • While data models and analysis can help inform decisions, confidence and conviction in achieving deal benefits can also help teams evaluate potential acquisition

Sometimes the deal rationale can make sense from a senior leadership perspective, but sometimes it becomes difficult to explain that rationale as one moves further down the organisation

  • Effective, simple messaging to lower levels of the organisation is important, especially now with most work being done remotely
  • Stories can be more important than data to align different levels/groups in an organisation. (i.e. What’s in it for me?)
  • Although you can’t train consistency in your team (e.g. turning a free-thinker into a process-oriented PM), finding the right individuals to fill specific roles can improve consistency in your M&A activity. This can include identifying functional experts throughout an organisation to bring in as/when needed throughout the M&A lifecycle

Poll Results

Question: Which of the following skill areas would you say will need the greatest amount of improvement in M&A and integration for the long-term future?

Highest 3 Responses

  1. Communication, Change and Engagement (47% selected)
  2. Interpersonal and Influencing Skills (37%)
  3. Agility (32%)

Lowest 3 Responses

  1. Risk Assessment and Management (0%)
  2. Project and/or Programme Design, Planning & Estimation (0%)
  3. Specific Functional Expertise (e.g. Finance, HR, Sales, R&D) (0%)

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