Aligment of Purpose in M&A – Webinar Key Takeaways

Aligment of Purpose in M&A – Webinar Key Takeaways

Here is our summary of last week’s webinar, which was all about alignment of purpose and how getting people to change requires purpose and alignment amongst the team.

So, how do we achieve that?

  • Leaders need to provide purpose with clear and simple definition
  • Provide purpose that will motivate employees to work for a deeper reason
  • Provide purpose for your customer to differentiate your services and/or products
  • A good company purpose should not be too grandiose, but not too realistic either

How to get your management on board with a business purpose?

  • Never overlook on how people feel about things and their subconscious behaviours
  • Leaders need to truly believe in the purpose through making personal association
  • Moving your leadership’s mindset from what you do at work to why you do it at work

How do you make a business purpose sticky?

  • Management needs to translate the purpose to their team to fit their day to day tasks. When this is done well, it will motivate them to go above and beyond their current scope of work

How can technology help with communicating the purpose?

  • When using technology to help change, we need to get data across the financial, programme and people. This will help us produce diagnostics for our organisation and find issues like clay layer, a roadblock that prevents information from reaching to other parts of the organisation
  • We can also use technology to identify where things are going well. For example, some individuals can have more influence than others that are higher up in the hierarchy
  • With these findings, we can then develop a strategy to ensure information is communicated smoothly

How do you pick apart these information failures?

  • Information transmission in an organisation fails when a leader is not authentic. Subconsciously, leaders usually feel more comfortable to take the approach that worked before. By creating a leadership vision board, which maps out what your leadership should be like in different points in time will help a leader to reflect on who she/he were and will become. Once it is envisaged, then one can access it
  • Be aware of the differences between interests and position when communicating to your audience
  • Do not get too fixated on the financials, but also realise the importance of time and effort you invest to initiate the change

Our next webinar is due to take place on Wednesday 29th July, more details to be shared soon.