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BTD partners with Savigent to offer "master translator" platform

Post-acquisition success hinges on connecting and coordinating a constellation of heterogeneous assets. Quickly. Accurately. Securely. These include operating equipment as well as critical business systems. Plants must run. Employees must be paid. Management requires timely information. The emerging IoT only compounds the challenge.

BTD, a boutique M&A and Alliance consultancy, has been helping executives navigate these challenging waters for over two decades. Our clients reap greater synergies faster and with lower risks. These executives build their companies’ capabilities to integrate more successfully.

Now, BTD has partnered with Savigent, Inc. to offer its “master translator” platform to simplify digital and workflow integration during the critical early weeks post-acquisition, and to create a long-term platform for greater operational efficiency. This software and consulting support have proven themselves across the globe in manufacturing plants, semiconductor fabs, pharmaceutical plants and energy operations. Savigent provides next-generation IoT asset control, monitoring, workflow management, data collection and reporting.

Savigent’s solution works across a wide range of in house and legacy systems; it spans the IT stack from top-level business systems to operational control systems, and even individual sensors. It is vendor agnostic, ideal for bringing together different assets and firms.

Bringing Savigent onto the team enables BTD clients to retain greater control and reduce risk during integrations. By rapidly interconnecting disparate systems executives ensure continuity in critical operations and functions. The broad capabilities of the Savigent platform also form the foundation for dramatic operational improvements during the integration. Clients win in the short, medium and long terms.

BTD plus Savigent bring M&A and Alliance integration to a new level of performance. Take advantage of the hard-won knowledge from dozens of post-merger and acquisition projects while giving your team the capabilities only the new software tools can provide. No matter your current size or experience level, we can help your team set a new standard for speed and effectiveness in integrating acquired operations.

Click here to contact Lance Raley North American Director, for a quick discussion on achieving higher levels of post-integration success with BTD and Savigent.



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